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Thank you so much-it's fantastic! 
It was much more than I could imagine. Unbelievable picture - Sunny as live! You're a great artist and I wish you inspiration in art!
Thank you very much once again and I wish you all the best,
from Ukraine
I can't stop staring at this painting! It is so beautiful. You did such a great job! Your painting is amazing and the way you gave depth and dimension to her coat, head and ears really shows the amount of talent you have.
from South Carolina, USA

It`s Sonny, my love. Take a look what Charlene has done for me!  Love your painting ...... 
Brigitte from Germany
LOVE our portrait of Gina, thank you Charz Elliott for such a beautiful piece of work!
Suzanne from California, USA
Hi, Today i recieved your painting and i'm so happy Now i just need to find nice frame for it, and i'll surely send you a photo of Cheryl and her portrait.
Thank you again for everything.
Anna from Poland
A few weeks later I received this photo from Anna of Cheryl posing next to her portrait.   
Yay!!! Lady Charlemagne's painting, by Charz Elliott, has arrived!! She depicted her gentle cavalier characteristics so beautifully! I will get it professionally framed this afternoon (with a nice linen liner), so this will not be the final look. We are thrilled with it! What a talented, kind artist and amazingly client-centered.
Deborah from California, USA
Oh boy it's breathtaking. !!!!  I will show it off - you can be sure.  Even my Luke is impressed with the painting.. Already he's found a perfect place for it.
Danuta from Poland
I am so thrilled Charlene agreed to create this portrait for me. She has captured my Puzzle for me forever. I can't say enough good things.
Lisa - Wug Cavaliers 

Puzzle, sadly, is no longer with us (Cavalier in the middle) and so she is with us in spirit, posing with her two best friends.

Thank you for the painting of Ace.  I love it! 
Brian from Canada
Wow Charlene, The painting arrived in perfect condition and it is magnificent! Truly it exceeded my expectations! I cannot wait to have it framed and hang it, we will treasure it always! 
Thank you again so very much, you are truly talented! 
Stephanie & Chip from Pennsylvania, USA
Charlene did an absolute wonderful job with the portrait she painted of my dog, Princess. It is a beautiful tribute to Princess that I will cherish forever. It was an honor to work with Charlene. She is talented, professional and caring. She truly wants to create a portrait that touches your heart.
Renai from Wisconsin, USA
Tallulah's portrait arrived. Just beautiful. Can't thank you enough!!!
Leigh Anne from Alabama, USA
Wow! I got home and it was there!!! We opened it and love it!  ❤️ Thank you again for making one of my dreams come true.